Stoke Green Day Nursery | Nursery Policies & Procedures
We are an Ofsted registered nursery in Coventry that provides day care for babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Call 02476 260672 for more information.
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Nursery Policies & Procedures

Nursery Policies & Procedures

Click here to download and view our full Policy Procedures.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Stoke Green day nursery offer a welcoming environment where everyone is valued for their individuality. We believe in encouraging children to develop a positive self image early in life and value others.

We aim to provide an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and offers children and adults opportunities irrespective of gender, disability or ethnicity.

Stoke Green day nursery supports the United Nations Convention of the ‘Rights of the Child’ and believes that, “every child has a right to relax, play and join in a wide range of activities”.

The nursery will endeavour to:

  • Monitor and provide a wide range of resources and educational materials within the Nursery to ensure that people of different gender, ethnicity and abilities are represented. Resources will include; positive images and posters, dolls, dressing up and role play, jigsaws, books, music, jigsaws and games.
  • Offer inclusive provision for all children and adults within the setting and ensure equal access to all the play/learning experiences available.
  • Celebrate and promote a variety of festivals and cultures through planned events and through continuous provision such as role play where children will be able to explore a variety of job roles and situations in order to promote awareness and understanding of others.
  • Regularly organise fund raising activities/events, in order to raise awareness of those less fortunate and introduce a positive attitude.
  • Encourage staff to challenge any language, behavior or attitude that could be perceived as discriminatory.
  • Encourage children to value others through discussions, activities, positive role modeling and by challenging inappropriate behavior when necessary and according to the policy.
  • Ensure we fully support a child identified with special needs appropriate to the Special Education Needs Code of Practice. Please see SEN Policy for further details. Our SEN co-ordinator is Amy Mason.
  • Offer equal opportunity for training and support for all members of staff according to their professional development and identified training needs. Nursery staff who have attended courses, are asked to feedback newly gained knowledge to others.
  • Ensure that individuals are recruited, selected and promoted using a scoring system in order to avoid bias.
  • Encourage parents/carers with particular skill or experience to share their knowledge with the nursery in order to enhance the learning experiences of the children.
  • Discourage discriminatory behaviour and respond either through information, training or disciplinary procedure as deemed appropriate by the management team.
  • Ensure Staff and parents will adhere to the settings Equal Opportunities policy and any person displaying any form of discrimination can expect to be challenged by anyone using the childcare facilities.
  • Ensure Staff and parents will adhere to the settings Equal Opportunities policy and any person displaying any form of discrimination can expect to be challenged by anyone using the childcare facilities. The designated people who have responsibility for dealing with Equal Opportunities is the Nursery Manager.
  • Make available monies for specific resources.
  • Consult with parents and children when reviewing practice in order to avoid discrimination
  • The Equal opportunities co-ordinator for the setting is Louise Twycross. The role of the co-ordinator is to attend any training related to equal opportunities in order to update their knowledge and skills, feedback any knowledge gained to the manager and the staff team and to ensure with the support of the manager, that the setting is meeting and promoting the needs of others fairly and effectively within every day practice